Fading out…

It has been 6 years since this blog has been updated. Time really moves fast. Christian is now 8 years old (going on 40) and in grade 3. Unfortunately, we lost one of our cats but somehow that just caused us to get 2 maine coons so we now have 3 cats. We’ve had chickens and have one surviving goldfish.

Although this blog is no longer updated, that doesn’t mean that there are no more photos of Christian.

F A C E B O O K  dominates the world.

Some final photos for this blog:


My work fish tank. Everyone needs some serenity at work.


Tara. Our pet monster Maine Coon cat.


Arghhhhhh! Oh, its harmless. I knew that.


Who said that kids can’t concentrate.


Christian, Dani, and Bethany.


The Cub Scouts in their natural environment (in the zoo).


Cycling with Grandma




A couple of months ago, we had a freakish storm with the largest hail stones I have seen. Our suburb was one of the worst hit. Unfortunately our car was caught without cover and all I could do was look on as it got pummeled by golf ball-sized hailstones.

Wow. The bigger hailstones were about 3 cm across.

Poor car.

We were lucky that none of the windows were broken but nearly all the car panels were damaged. So many cars were damaged that day (last I heard, there were upwards of 60,000 cars damaged), that our car is booked for repairs in September!

Oh, and our sky light was also broken. We were lucky that nothing else was damaged. I know one person that had their house destroyed when the hailstones broke the roof tiles. Their house will have to be completely rebuilt.

By the way, Christian took this shot 🙂

From Elaine and Paul

These photos are from Elaine’s Facebook. They first few are from my birthday in August last year, the watergun is from Christmas, and the big family shots are from Chinese New Year a few months ago. Many thanks to Elaine and Paul for the photos.

Happy Birthday Hug.

Yummy cake.

Happy drunk.

I love Ah Kong and Ah Ma

Oooh. What’s that!

What comes out of that?


Make my day.

It’s nice to have an extended family.

Happy kids with red packets.

Christian and grandpa

Christian spends one day a week at my parents.

Grandpa is planning to teach Christian how to play golf.

This is not quite the right way…

Rewards are important!

How to put socks on.

How to go for a walk (and he has a big hat to fill).

Wrestling with cousin Bethany

Food rewards (again)

Down time with Grandpa.

How to wash the Grandpa’s car.


All modern kids expect to see their photos immediately. Remember the old days when we took photos hoping that in a couple of weeks, the photos would turn out alright?


More rewards.

Hanging out with Nala at home.

Cheeky smile.

Start them young!

Well, maybe not this one.

How to serve dinner.

Learning to appreciate music.

How to was a car using a watergun.

How to clean the floor after being naughty and spilling a drink on purpose.

He better learn this one well!

Cleaning windows (He loved this lesson too).

Relaxing just like mum 🙂

The last 3 months…

Cool at the beach.

Path of destruction.

Great day at the beach.

Christian has an obsession with fire fighters and fire engines. It began with the kid’s show “Fireman Sam” and has branched out from there. One day, there was a house fire near by and he got to see fire engines and fire fighters in action.

It was his best day.

I think that’s where he got his love of  ladders too.

Andree got into the act with a fire engine cake.

And we got him a battery-powered fire engine ride-on.

Don’t forget the hat.

No one will be surprised if Christian grows up to be a fireman.

By the way, he can say “fire extinguisher”. He’s only two!

Cheeky monkey

Lazy rainy day with dad.

With the women in his life.

A rare day when he was enjoying his food.

Hey! Where’s the water?!

Happy days with granddad.

Although granddad makes him work hard 😉

Christian the builder.

This was first day of school childcare.

Christian, Chantal, fingerpaint and muffins.

Chantal came over to visit us and to bake muffins. But first, there was fingerpainting.


Red turned out to be Christian’s favourite colour.


It spells “FISH”.


It’s an unwritten code that you must make colourful handprints when playing with fingerpaints.


Hands up Christian!


When they got cleaned up, we finally got around to making muffins. Yummy!

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